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Once upon a time in ancient China there were five legendary professions (classes): Warriors, Assassins, Wizards, Hunters and Shamans. Each class possessed unique specialized talents. Each has their own distinct role in battles and each has an untold story


These are people who obtained super-natural powers. They are easy to spot because they usually carry a staff with them. Also, most of them are anti-social. Their staff is their source of elemental power, but nobody knows how it works. However, we do know that the better staff grants wizards more power. It is for this reason that wizards spend their entire life looking for stick-shaped things....


Coming soon! Master of Potions & Scrolls

Hunter (Explorer)

Coming Soon! Master of the Bow


When and where exactly did the Warrior class come from remains a mystery until this day; however it certainly became a very popular profession (class) during China's period of States engaged in war with each other. Famous warriors of the past were known for their strength and defense abilities; however that has more to do with their ability to purchase superior equipment than their KungFu skills. Because different states constantly were at war with one another; there was always a high demand for this profession. Wealthy high-level warriors in Ancient China often enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle. But be warned that only a few warriors will actually make it to the top before they die in battlefields. It is known that Chin's warrior class, and along with its traditions, was later exported to Japan and which then became the samurais.


Unlike the warriors who usually begin their career path as coolies, assassins usually begin as losers in life who like to do things such as spy on women while they bathe. These seemingly benign activities helped them train their ability of stealth. During war times these assassins were extremely useful in battles. They can sneak behind enemies and catch them off-guard. As their title implies; they are also great for assassinations. They are the predecessors of ninjas.