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Game Features

Secret Online is a full 3D MMOPRG set in the background of the Qin Dynasty. It drew its inspirational materials from the long and rich history of China. The game begins from the ancient Qin Dynasty period. The NPC characters, carefully crafted scenes and intriguing game quests are heavily flavored with ancient China myths. It has a strong emphasis on the traditional Chinese cultures. It is developed to immerse the player totally in these Chinese cultures. The player can feel his character transverse the mythical scenes of the game, and mingle with the Good and Evil elementals. Secret Online provides the player not only hours of play enjoyment and excitement, but also the opportunity to gain knowledge about the Chinese traditional cultures and myths.

Contents and Features

Real-time unlimited fight attack
The game emphasizes on the defending and attacking techniques. They will truly enjoy the fighting sequences.

Unique Strengthen War System
Every character has a Unique Strengthen War System, enabling them to display heir fighting skills to the maximum.

Magic stove system
There are a lot of treasured gems waiting for the players to explore and collect, and some of which will grant unimaginable power to its owner. Bless the one who find the rare gems!

More than 200 maps available
The maps ranges from desert plateau, jungle covered island to the waterfront. There are insidious fierce monsters, rural wild men, dangerous underground caves, hidden treasures, etc installed for the players in the game. Players can not only engage in PK battles, they can also be a collector of valuable minerals.

Variety of missions System
NPCs in Secret Online would carry quests of their own, and players are sometimes required to assist the NPCs to solve these quests. All the missions are derived from the famous characters in the traditional Chinese myths. Completing the missions can bring the players money, gifts, experiences or reputation points.

A long and deep story background
With thousands of plots placed in Secret Online, and the many historical figures that now come before the player, the player can expect that closing one completed quest door will almost immediately open up another window of mysterious and ever-changing fantasy world discoveries.

Legend of Transformation scrolls (Charms)
Just when all hopes seem to be lost for mankind; a new power was discovered to combat the devil race and the dark emperor. Powerful transformation scrolls appeared mysteriously changed the course of battle. Nobody knows where exactly these scrolls came from or how they work. But perhaps you can find the answers...

The alliance of mankind and the Xuan Ruan race soon began to use the scrolls to transform themselves into various powerful monsters from other dimensions such as the giant scorpion, man-bear-pig, giant ape, etc.

Finally as a result, the battle became a standstill.

Transformation system
The transformation system is one of the best features in the game. Players can use the transformation scroll to change their characters? appearance. You can find these scrolls through killing monsters, finishing quests or just by purchasing them.