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Brief System Introduction

1. Interactive system – Chat & Interaction

1. Chat You can simply open the chat window by pressing the "Enter" key on the keyboard. There are four chat channels: guild, private, group and all

2. Interaction The chat window also allows players to paste goods in it and also to show off or sell items such as weapons, equipment, materials, etc.)


1. Players can find guilds, recruit guild members in the game, and make a guild stronger in order to dominate the world (server).

2. After establishing the guild, press the shortcut key "G" and the guild interface will pop up. Players can check out their own as well as other member in the guild interface.)

3. Also, players can find guild related information such as guild rankings, alliances, number of guild members (on and offline) and guild announcements, etc. Players can also contribute experience to their guild and understand their position at any precise moment in the world.

3. Friends system

1. Press the "F" key to open the "friends" interface. Players not only can add friends, but also can private message them, invite them into groups or drag someone to the blacklist.

2. In the "Secret Online" game world, players can make more friends in order to start more exciting adventures.

4.Martial Art duel system

1. As long as a player selects the opposite party; that player can send out the duel invite. If the opponent accepts; the two players can duel with each other.) Martial art duels is one way to show off skills to other players. It is a form of warrior vanity.

5. Inventory (Backpack)

1. Press the "B" key to bring up the inventory window. The available space is 38 slots. In addition there are nine standard extra slots from the stall function.

2. Players can use the Rough's credence in-exchange for extra package space at the designated location of the Rough region's NPC (non-playable character).

3. Each region has three pages of larger warehouse space; every page has 10 slots and in total 30 slots of deposit space exists. Players need to pay a small fee at difference locations in order to make a deposit.)

6.NPC guide

1. The NPC guide button is at the top right-hand corner of the interface window. Players can find every region's NPC and the dungeon entrance with the NPC guide.

2. Players can also find an NPC with the search function via the NPC guide list. For instance, players type "Jessica" into the Input Box in the NPC guide list and click search. "Jessica" will be shown in the guide list. Players can then select the NPC that has been requested and direction to locate her will be shown.

7.Quest system

1. Press the "T" key to bring up the quest window. All the quests that a player accepts are shown. (If a player wants to know the progress of the quest, he/she can simply open it by right-clicking on that quest. That quest will be shown on right-hand side of the screen until the player finishes it.)

2. The NPC guide is also in the quest system. NPC names are displayed in different font in the quest system. Players just need to click the NPC name and it will be displayed on the large map or the small map at the top right-hand.)

8. Class skill

1. Press the "N" key to bring up the "skill" window. Players can see all of his/her skills in this window. As long as players achieve the corresponding level, he/she will get the corresponding skill quest automatically.

2. Players need to practice to reach higher skill levels. If a player wants to practice one skill; he/she can drag and drop the skill into the skill practice frame directly from the skill interface.

9. Character attributes

1. Press the "C" key to bring up the "Character attributes" window. Players can view the relevant attributes and action command.

2. For convenience, players also can drag some common actions to the relevant shortcut.

10. Crafting system

1. Players can craft equipment and also potions. Potion making success rate is 100%.

2. The equipment crafting offers a probability to lose materials if it fails.

11. Secret Calendar

1. One minute in the real world is equivalent to four minutes in the game, Secret Online.

2. There are different festivals & special quests on various days. As an example, every January and June in the Secret Online calendar Mountain God worship events at the Stream village will be held.

12. Mouhist quest system

1. Mouhist quest is a special feature. Players can buy the quest scrolls of Mouhist in many regions. After getting the quest from a quest scroll and finishing it; that player will earn extra experience and skill practice experience points.

2. The more Mouhist quests that a player finishes; the more Mouhist contribution points will be awarded. After a player accumulates a certain amount of Mouhist contribution points that player will receive more experience or equipment points.

The instance dungeon There are a total of 17 instance dungeons in Secret Online currently. Some of them are for specials quests such as marriage quests and some of them are great for getting amazing equipment.

14. Marriage system

In the world of Secret Online; players only need to reach a certain level and finish a special quest in order to marry someone.

Travel Secret Online offers a teleport NPC in most of the towns from whom players can purchase teleport scrolls to shorten travel time. Players can also purchase mounts to travel after certain level requirements have been reached in order to ride the mount.

The game also has travel stations located everyone in all maps. After paying a certain fee; players can rent a Robo Chicken and go anywhere by want by riding them.

16. PK

1. Players can choose among different PK modes: peace mode, guild mode and kill mode

2. Player can attack anyone by selecting the killing mode

3. When player A attacks player B, player A's name will turn gray and become a "suspect". When player A kills player B, his/her name will become red and becomes a "murderer". If someone kills the red name player; his/her name will become blue.

4. A player can drop items under the PK mode if killed by another player

5. After the player with the red highlighted name dies; he/she will be revived in the safety zone.

17. Item mall

1. Players can buy what they want in the item mall.