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Core Features

Unique Core Features

1、Ultimate PK (Player Kill) experience

In Secret Online, players can use the mouse to rotate directionally to control where he/she wants to attack. PK Skills are important and are determined by more than just equipment. Also new battle systems will be introduced: sea battles, mount battles and summon pets to aid you in battle, etc.

◆  Satisfaction from PK Provides great visual experience and feels very smooth and fast paced.

◆   Enhanced battle system Every class has their own special battle system. Players will explore new strategies and tricks to use their character to its maximum abilities.

2 、 Ultimate Crafting System Players can get thousands of different kinds of crafting materials from almost anything they do such as killing monsters, questing, gathering, etc. Players are also able to craft different types of equipments at special NPC locations. Players are able to produce everything for the game economy and use formulas to select bonus attributes according to their character’s class. These features allow for endless different results.

◆   Infinite Transformation system Players can use materials to craft their own transformation scrolls. A player can transform into any monster in the game! And there is no the best form". It all depends on the player.

3 、 Open World System! (Create Your Own World) Players’ actions can influence the game world’s history. Player’s heroic actions will be recorded in history books. One minute in the real world is equivalent to four minutes in world of "Secret Online". There are different festival & special quests on specific dates. For example, every January and June in the game; Secret Online" will hold Mountain God worship events at the Stream Village.

The first time a player’s character is created on the server it will be recognized as that character’s birthday. There will be special rewards given to each character on every birthday.

◆  History cannot be stopped.

◆  Write your name in the history books by changing history.

◆  Create your own chronicles and let everybody in the game world know of your feats!

4 、 Infinite Quest system

◆  Ever-Changing Quests Infinite randomly generated quests for our quest lovers!

◆   Epic Storyline Missions Hundreds of missions incorporate rich historical backgrounds and numerous historical figures.

5 、 In-game Economics Secret Online" has a market economy system that’s similar to real-life economies. Most of the prices of items can increase and decrease depending on the supply and demand. The prices that gamers see in different stores are only prices of these stores and do not reflect universal prices.

To better emulate the real-world market system; Secret Online’s dynamic economy is fluid which means that item prices fluctuate from store to store and even from day to day based on supply and demand.

◆  Discover your Business Talents

6 、 Exploration (Zones ) Different zones in Secret Online" are connected together without needing to load every time a player enters a new zone. Every zone has its own background story. Don’t be fooled by their beauties, when danger is always just around the corner. Players should be on constant guard while exploring hundreds of different terrains. From hell to heaven, from swamps to deserts, from plains to islands, from cities to villages… players can fight, gather resources, explore dungeons, discover treasures and more!

7 、 Secret Online Daily Morning Newspaper (User Created Content) Secret Online has its own unique newspaper system. Everyday the system will integrate any events or news created by players into a newspaper! There is also sections that players can post advertisements, seek friends, find mates for marriage and more!

8 、 Unique Instant Dungeon

◆  Fun and challenging Instant Dungeons

◆  It’s not just about killing monsters

◆  It belongs to you and your friends