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Economic System

Secret Online has a market economy system that’s similar to a real-life economy. Most of the prices of items can increase or decrease based on supply and demand. The prices that gamers see in different stores are only prices of these stores and not prices throughout the game. To better emulate the real market system, Tianji’s dynamic economy is fluid, meaning that item prices fluctuate from store to store and even from day-to-day based on supply.

Basic rules of the economic system: Items sold in stores are created in finite quantities. When stores run out of a particular item; they will not be available for purchase until someone resells that item. The quantity of the item sold back to the store will be automatically adjusted allowing for a new purchase to be made. Prices of items will in large part be based on the quantity of items of that particular item in stock. The higher the quantity; the lower the price and the lower the quantity; the higher the price. The same item maybe found at different locations at various prices based on each store’s respective stock. In this case, geography becomes a factor as well. Market prices are adjusted to represent the available quantity of an item in a given proximity.

Information on items at different locations: NPCs will be used to advertise the selling of items in towns and cities. There will also be numbers of NPCs in the wildness to provide hints about different items. Special NPCs can be found throughout the wilderness and zones that will buy items at exceptional high prices, but with conditions to the purchase. The wilderness will also provide the opportunity for gamers to learn the location and operating hours of hidden stores.

Economic Tasks: Some NPCs will announce economic tasks. These are simple tasks designed to orient gamers with the features and functions of the economic system. The tasks usually consist of tracking down specific items and returning them to the NPC for a monetary reward. The emphasis again is on teaching the basic rules of the economic system, so that gamers will be able to use the system independently.

Economical adjustments: NPCs will buy-back or exchange certain items on a set schedule, so gamers will be able to gain profit from collecting items. In this case it is possible for certain items to become fully stocked in a short period of time. This makes the whole system more realistic and opportunistic. When this situation happens; there will be a system-wide announcement so all gamers will know the conditions of the server.

Economical storage (Bank): There is a particular storage system in this game. The deposit and withdrawal system will charge gamers’ a storage usage fee based on the distance of two locations. There will be no charge if gamers deposit or withdraw locally.