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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the character attribution points?

A: Each character has six kind of essential attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Perception and Luck.


Strength is related with the character´s physical attacks and their hit ratios.

1 point of strength=0.5 point of physical attack


Constitution is related with the character´s health points, physical defence and health points recovery (repair).

1 point of constitution=10 health points+2 points of physical defence.


Dexterity is related with the character´s physical attacks, dodging ability and violent attack ratio.

1 point of dexterity= 0. 25point of physical attack+ 0.05% violent attack ratio


Intelligence is related with the character´s magic attacks, MP and MP regeneration

1 INT = 0.25 magic attack+20 MP


Perception is related with the character´s magic attacks

1 point of perception=1 point of magic attack


Luck is related with the character´s violent attack and fortune point

1 point of luck= 0.1% critical attack=1 fortune point


Level mainly decides a player ’ s power, whether it is strong or weak


Element mainly decides a character´s attack and defence

Q: How does a character level up?

A: When a player obtains enough experience that player will level up automatically.

Q: How does a character add attribution points?

A: After a player has leveled up, attribution points will automatically be added by the system according to that character’s class.

Q: What is level resistance ?

A: If the disparity between attacker and defender’s levels is large; this feature will cause extra damage to the enemy.

Q: How does a character increase accuracy (Hit Rate)?

A: Along with a character’s own rank promotion; when he or she kills a similarly ranked monster, then the effect will be that the hit rate is reduced.

Example: A level 10 character that has 10 hit rating has an 80% chance to hit a level 10 monster. If the same character is a level 20 and still has a 10 hit rating; his/her chance to hit the level 20 monsters would be lower.

Q: How to get maximum experience from monsters?

A: The character should kill monsters that are equal to their level to get full experience points from the kill; anything lower will give the character reduced experience points.

Q: How to get experience points from monsters?

A: The experience points from monster will go to the first player who attacks it, but if other players also attack it, then the first player will get less experience points.

Q: How does a character acquire skills ?

A: In Secret Online, players can only get skills by completing skill quests and get the skill scroll based on his/her level.

Q: What are the perquisites for learning a new skill?

A: The character needs the skill scroll in order to learn the skill. Players should click the right-key on the mouse to open the skill score and the scroll will be consumed. Some skills also require other skills as perquisites. Players need to check the skill tree to see if they meet all the perquisites.

Q: How does a player raise his/her skill level?

A: To raise a skill’s rank, players need to use the skill to gain experience points. The skill needs to be practiced to increase a character’s rank. Players should move the skill to the graphical user interface in the top right-hand corner (the practice skill frame). When a player kills the monster and completes the quest; the skill will be practiced. When the skill practice frame's experience progress bar fills up completely, then this skill is upgraded. If a player wants to practice other skills, he/she needs to move the related skill chart to the skill practice frame.

Q: How does a character inflict more damage?

A: The back of the monster is its weak point when it comes to attacking and therefore players can cause 30% more damage by attacking from behind.

Q: What is the critical strike?

A: When fighting, both players and monsters can get critical hits for an additional 50% damage and this method will add damage bonus points for striking the back of a monster.

Q: What are accuracy (hit rate) and evasion ?

A: Both characters and monsters have the hit rating and the evasion system. The higher the hit rating, the easier it becomes to hit the enemy. When evasion is higher, it is easier to dodge an enemy's attack. The hit rating and the evasion system affect the rank penalty.

Q: What are attack types and resistance?

A: Attacks can either be physical in nature or elemental. Elemental attacks include ice, fire, electric and poison. Players can increase their physical defense and the corresponding elemental resistance to reduce the damage from the corresponding attack type. The defense and the resistance affect the rank penalty.

Q: What are in-combat and out-of-combat modes?

A: If a character is fighting a monster that character will be unable to regenerate health and mana. A short while after a fight, the character automatically returns to a non-combat state and will regenerate naturally.

Q: What is an off-hand weapon penalty?

A: Some classes can be equipped with two weapons, but the off-hand weapon will inflict less damage than the main-hand one.

Q: What are equipment qualities?

A: Equipment quality is divided into the following:

The common item (gray), the basic equipment (white), the fine equipment (green) and the rare equipment (blue color) .The high quality equipment is generally dropped by some high-grades or the ferocious bosses.

Q: What are the equipment type s?

A: Equipment types are divided into the following categories:

Weapons, chest pieces, leggings, shoulder pads, helmets, bracers, belts, shoes, shields, rings, and necklaces

And the weapon category is further divided into the following:

Warrior: swords, knifes and axes

Assassin: Fist edge and daggers

Wizard: Staffs

The occupation equipment cannot have mixed uses.

Q: What are the monsters’ strength levels?

A: Monsters are divided into five types according to the intensity of the monster. Ordinary monsters are quite weak and generally players can easily kill them. The secondary monsters generally exist in the countryside. Secondary monsters are moderately difficult to kill. Strong monsters are rare and are equal to bosses. They tend to have a high-level of health and are very difficult to kill, but the reward is also much more than killing lower-level monsters. The unique monsters can only can be found in monster lairs and the reward is much higher. The fabled monsters only appear in fables. The difficulty of killing a fabled monster is so high that a single player cannot kill it and requires a team to destroy it. The reward for killing a fabled monster is the highest possible reward available.

Q: What is an Aggro radius?

A: Each monster has its own aggro radius. When in it’s an aggro radius, players are able to attack other players. Some monster's aggro radius is unusually small; while others are extremely large.

Q: What are Monster camps?

A: In the world of “Secret Online”; the majority of monsters have their camps. All monsters in a particular camp have somewhat similar characteristics.

Q: Do monsters have skills?

A: The majority of monsters have several skills. Often these skills can reverse the outcome of a battle. When monsters use their skills and what how they use them is one of the keys to their success during a battle.

Q: What is “Loot”?

A: After defeating a monster there is a chance for the monster to drop loot. Loot can be equipment, materials, potions, etc. If a player is lucky, there may be high-quality gear that drops too.

Q: How does a player select the NPC and the monster ?

A: Players can use the mouse to choose the character and the monster and also can press the “Tab” key to select other players. Players can press the “ESC” key to cancel their choice.

Q: What is health/magic regeneration?

A: Every 3 seconds, if not in combat, players will regenerate health and mana depending on their class.

Q: What is the “Secret Online” calendar?

A: The world of “Secret Online” is one that changes and grows. There is a time function setting in the game that gives players special quests on different dates. The first day of opening a server is the first day.

Q: What are the festivals ?

A: A festival is an important content addition to the world of “Secret Online”. The festival activity needs more players to be considered complete. More rewards are given out on these special days.

Q: What does it mean when you login to your account and are told that you are already online?

A: This means that your account is already logged into the game. Log-out and then log in again. If the problem persists, contact support.

Q: How do you use the map for questing?

A: When quests ask you to kill some monsters; the map will indicate the direction where you can find the monsters.

Q: What is the difference between the food and potions ?

A: Food restores your character’s health gradually and some food restoration will vanish under the battle condition. Potion restoration is immediate and you will not be interrupted by an attack. There is a cool down between uses though.

Q: If the game crashes, what do I do?

Try the following:

  1. Install the sound effect driver
  2. Install the motherboard driver
  3. Install the latest graphics driver

If all fails, post it in the bug/technical section and wait for somebody to answer your question.