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Marriage System

How to get married?

Before reading this guide, players need to find a willing and able partner for marriage.

After finding a suitable fiancé, in order to be married, both players must perform a series of difficult & challenging tasks to prove their love is strong enough.

Each player needs to finish his/her own quest first and then go to the Cumbria matchmaker to get the token of marriage. After that, players must go to the tailor "Magpie" and buy the wedding dress. Dress up the characters and let the broom create a party as the leader, and then proceed to the Norfolk matchmaker for the ceremony. Players should not forget to tell all guild mates and other friends to come to the wedding!

And lastly for honeymoon… well the married couple can go anywhere they want!

Some details:

1、Both male & female must be over level 40 in order to get married

2、The groom must first finish the marriage quest/ instance dungeon